Monday, August 10, 2009

Post Surgery 4 Weeks

I have not written a blog post about my knee lately because all has been well and I haven't had any new developments.  This weekend I got on a spinning bike for the first time and actually rode for 35 minutes and broke a sweat.  My knee felt great but even better was to actually feel like I got a cardiovascular workout in.  I have been doing my stretching and trying to loosen up my hamstrings and my Illiotibial band because they have always been tight due to running and playing drums.  I have also been doing leg presses and ball squats to strengthen my quadriceps.  I think I am almost ready to start resuming all leg exercises and get back into yoga as well.  The biggest problem with yoga will be sitting down on my knees.  I don't know when they will want me to start doing that.

I got back on the drums last week for the first time and everything felt fine with using my right leg on the kick drum.  I will be practicing a lot this week and next week getting ready for the tour.  Looking forward to playing shows and playing songs off our new record.

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