Saturday, July 11, 2009

My New York Mets Are Spiraling To The Cellar Again

Ever since I was 7 years old I have been a die hard New York Mets fan.  I have been waiting for another world series title since their 1986 one.  The 2000 loss to the Yankees in the world series hurt and the to get so close to the World Series in 2006 was just not fair.  

Right now to see the current team self destruct year after year is killing me.  Everyone thought replacing Willie Randolph was the problem but here we are again with the team spiraling down in the middle of the season.  The problem with this team is Omar Minyaya the general manager and the cohesiveness of the players he has assembled.  He has brought all these big names in but these guys can't play as a team and there is no leader in the clubhouse.  

Across town there is no denying the leadership role of Derek Jeter but these Mets just don't have that guy. Everyone thinks it should be David Wright but he has just not stepped up.  No one seems accountable on this team nor does there seem to be a tight bond between all the players. Even though this years team is decimated with injuries is time to change direction with the team and general manager.  The owner should let go of Omar at the end of this year and try to find a better guy who can really judge talent in the farm system.  I also think its time to let Beltran and Delgado go.  These guys are just not consistent and I think younger players are the way to go.  This will also help David Wright be that leader.  Personally I think he has lot of the same issues that Tony Romo has had in Dallas.  When there are other players on the team vying for attention and the spotlight it is hard to lead a team and be respected.  At the same time the leader needs to perform on the field and lead by example.  His hitting has not be solid and there have been to many errors in the field.  Maybe because he is trying to hard with all the injuries but they need to get some other young guys in there and start playing like a team.  There doesn't seem to be that hunger to get back to the playoffs and win a World Series.  

Hopefully changes can be made this year after they have another dismal season.


  1. My name is Luanne Byrd and I am the media relations manager for The Classic Center in Athens, GA. We look forward to having Sister Hazel perform at the Center in September to benefit UGA Miracle - Children's Miracle Network. Want to get some press going on this event - can we schedule an interview?

  2. Hey Mark,

    Great blog. Your insight of the Mets is spot-on. You probably should write for -- a blog of Phillies and Mets fans who write about the teams and the rivalry. Sorry to tell you, I fall under the Philly side after living there for a few years way back when. Still, the Mets have had more luck this season than any team could possibly deserve. I've actually felt sympathy for them.

    On another note, big Sister Hazel fan. Found out about this blog on Twitter. Keep up the excellent writing.


  3. Mark --

    I never knew you were such a big sports fan. I am a sportswriter in addition to being a die hard Hazelnut! I am including a link to a couple of things that may interest you on my site -- including some stories on Duke Basketball and on the band:

    Duke --

    Sister Hazel --

    Be in touch for sure!!

    - Denton

  4. Hi Mark!
    I´m Carol from Brazil and I found your blog on Twitter... I hope you like to post in your blog and this become a vicius. LOL.
    About sports... I just can talk about soccer or tennis. :D

    Keep on posting!

  5. Luanne

    I would love to do an interview for you. If you don't mind please contact our publicist so that she may schedule this for you an I.

    Here is her information

    Krista Mettler

    Phone: (908) 889-5029

    Look forward to talking with you


  6. Chris

    Thanks for the comment. I will have to check out that blog you recommended. It should be an interesting second half to the season. I would have to say right now your Phillies look good to win the East and if they get Roy from Toronto look out. But something tells me that the Yankees or the Redsox have more money to spend then the Phillies.

  7. Denton

    Yes I am a sports freak. I watch way to much ESPN and love to watch Mike and Mike in the morning while I have my coffee and breakfast. I have been a Duke fan ever since Mike Gminski, Johnny Dawkins and Danny Ferry. Before music took over my life I wanted to go to Duke and play basketball.

    I read one of your sites and saw that Shane Battier has Sister Hazel listed as his favorite band. I got to meet him at a Mike Miller Charity event and Shane that Sister Hazel was playing. Shane is a great guy and after this years playoffs has really become a great NBA player.

  8. Mark --

    I completely agree with you about Shane. He is a stand-up guy, all the way around. I used to love watching him play with Jason Williams at Duke, and was super excited when the Houston Rockets picked him up. I still argue that he is one of the biggest pick-ups in Houston basketball history. Also, I really enjoyed the stickam show this evening. My wife had wanted me to ask you what your favorite season of Top Chef is, and also to ask if you are as OCD as Ken makes you out to be? ;-) Be in touch!