Friday, July 24, 2009

Post Surgery Day 9

I think I will move to a weekly post about my knee recovery unless there is something exciting to talk about.  Right now I am progressing each day and do not have a lot to report on.  Today I went to the gym and got on the exercise bike for 20 minutes.  I felt great and it was not a problem.  The hardest part of this recovery is doing everything at 5%.  I always go 110% at everything I do or I just don't do it.  I have been told to put no resistance on the bike and just turn the pedals at a moderate pace.  This is going to be mentally challenging because to sit on a bike and really not feel like I am doing anything is going to be hard for me.  I would like to get my heart rate up and sweat but I am going to have to use swimming for that right now.  Speaking of I got in the pool today for the first time and it was a great reality check.  One my stamina sucks and I could only do about 10 laps but part of the problem was my shoulder just flat out hurt doing some of the strokes.  I have bone spurns in my shoulder restricting motion in my AC Joint.  I knew I was going to have surgery on this in the Fall because it has been bothering me since October.  The orthopedic surgeon felt like the knee was more serious because I could do further damage to it where the shoulder really can't get any worse because it is bone not ligaments.  So I have more fun to look forward to in October.  Well I will keep you posted on any other developments.

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  1. Looking forward to your blog updates. Email me about the Duke game in February. I really think we should get Shane to go also. Be in touch for sure!