Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Post Surgery Day 6 (Physical Therapy)

I had my first session of physical therapy today and they thought I was ahead of the normal recovery.  I can bend my leg a considerable amount and now just have to keep working on the flexibility and my strength.  I think I might even be able to play my kick drum within a few days.  My only concern would be the pounding down on the bass drum pedal.  Most of my playing is heel up which is pretty strong motion but I could easy back in with playing heel down.  I was cleared to drive and go up and down stairs and I can trying swimming.  

They had this really cool ice pack at the physical therapy place.  It is a machine connected to a wrap that goes around your leg.  You put ice cubes in the machine and it then pumps 40 degree water in to the wrap around your knee.  Feel like a blood pressure cuff when they pump it up.  It gets super cold.  Check out the  link - http://www.gameready.com/products/index.htm


  1. that ice pack thing looks cool. too bad i cant get something like that for a sore back. glad you are progressing well.

  2. Well actually you can. Go this link and scroll down to the bottom and they make a back sleeve that plugs into the machine.

  3. yeah mark whats the Dogs Name? Hey do you have any pictures of that hot drum tech of yours...whats his name ...Tony The Merch Guy...yeah him..