Thursday, July 16, 2009

Post Surgery Day 1

I was wide awake until 3:00 am last night probably due to being groggy for most of the day from the anesthesia.  I decided to sleep on the couch last night so I could elevate my leg as well as not wake up my wife if I was uncomfortable.  Got up around 7:00 am and felt pretty good.  I didn't have any pain but my leg was very stiff.  I have a feeling it is going to be stiff until the cast comes off on Friday and I start physical therapy.  I sat on my couch must of the day to keep my leg rested while I was taking calls from Sister Hazel fans across the globe.  

The one challenging thing has been putting on my right shoe and changing my clothes.  I feel a little helpless because I cannot bend my right leg to put my shoe on nor can I reach down to change my shorts.  Its kind of a drag and cannot wait to get this cast off on Friday.  It has also left me to take sponge baths because I cannot get this cast and bandage wet.  All I need is some dread locks, a few hemp necklaces and a pause at 4:20 and I would fit in with the cool crowd.  

I have been able to get around my house without crutches and I try to walk with all my weight on my left foot.  I can put weight on my right foot without pain but I am trying to avoid any extra stress on that leg until I see the surgeon.  

This evening I will sleep in the bed since I have been feeling pretty good.  I have not really needed the pain medication at the moment because most of my uncomfortable feeling is not pain but rather stiffness and itchiness.  

So far I am happy where I am with my  recovery and things are going well.

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  1. Gotta love having someone have to help you put on your shoes - my Dad was the lucky guy after mine :)

    Glad to hear the recovery is going well!