Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 1

Today is the official first day of my 8 week challenge to myself.  I would have started posting a week ago but I had to work out some glitches with My Fitness Pal and Garmin Connect.  However, I think I finally have all the issues resolved.

I started my day with my apple cider vinegar and water and then made a Vitamix juice made with carrots, cucumbers, ginger, orange Juice, Apple and Water - the recipe is below.

Today was my gym day today and I focused on chest and legs.  All the exercise were done as supersets (2 at a time) - Below is my workout log from My Fitness Pal.  All exercise are in the order that I executed them.  I was supposed to fit in a 30 minute sprint run but ran out of time so no cardio for today.

Everyday I will list my diary from My Fitness Pal so you can see what I ate and what kind of exercises i did.   It will also include my calorie intake and what I burned from cardio.   I will list my weight training but My Fitness Pal does not calculate calories burned during weight training so that will not count towards my net calorie number.

Feeling great so far.  Anyone out there have a good breakfast smoothie recipe?  If so, share in the comments.

Exercise And Food Diary


Juice #2 Ingredients And Nutritional Facts

2.00 Carrots 
1.00 Cucumber
3.00 tsp, Ginger
4.00 oz, Orange Juice
1.00 Red Apple
8.00 oz, Tap Water

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