Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 3

I can really notice a difference with not eating meat and poultry for several weeks.   I think having a large juice every morning also plays a major role in how I am feeling.   I seem to have a lot more energy these days and do not hit a afternoon wall of tiredness.

Today is another gym day but I got in earlier enough to add my cardio today.  One of my trainers (La'Mere Cornelius) had showed me that by running 400 meter sprints and taking breaks after each one I could get better results from 30 minutes of cardio.  The routine is to run a 400 meter lap at a fast pace like 7.0 or higher on a treadmill.  After you complete the first lap you can walk around 4.0 for 60 seconds.   Once you complete the 2nd lap you then only get to walk for 45 seconds.   On completion of the 3rd lap you get a 30 second walk break.  After the next lap you go back to a 60 second break and repeat the same break schedule for 30 minutes.

After completing the sprints I went into a back and bicep workout.   I have been doing my morning workouts after I have my Vitamix juice and I have plenty of energy to get me through the workout.

My calorie intake has been consistent for most of the week so I think I will try to keep eating the sam types of foods.

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