Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 7

I woke up early today excited about about going for a long run on the Atlanta Belt Line.  I wore my heart rate monitor today so I could start to monitor my heart rate on long runs.   It was rather chilly at 7:00 AM so I need to bundle up in my cold weather gear including jacket, hat and gloves.  I love running the Atlanta Belt Line early on a weekend morning because you can usually run for about 45 minutes when it is not crowded and get into a zone.

I finished my 8 mile run in 1:17:24 for a overall pace of 9:40.   I was glad I could finish the 8 miles but a little frustrated that my pace was a little slow.   One of my goals for 2015 is to finish a Half Marathon under 2 hours and I need to being running a 9:10 pace to achieve that goal.

My heart heart was an average 155 BPM for the run duration.  I found some formulas to calculate Target Heart Rate

My maximum heart rate is 175 BPM (220 - 45 =145)

Resting Heart Average is 55 BPM

Heart rate max Reserve 120 BPM (175 - 55 = 120)

Target Heart Rate Lower Number (60%) 127 BPM (120 * .6) + 55 = 127
Target Heart Rate High Number (85%) 151 BPM (120 * .8) + 55 = 151

Target Heart Rate 139 BPM (127 + 151 / 2 = 139)

I think with averaging a 155 BMP I might need to work on getting that number down over the course of a long run.   

If there are any avid runners who train with heart rate monitors please leave me some suggestions in the comments. 

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