Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 6

I decided that I did not have the energy to go for a long run this morning.  My training schedule has a  long run scheduled for Saturday or Sunday - this gives me the flexibility when I am home or, if I am traveling with the band, the opportunity to decide which weekend day will be better for long run.   I also need at least 1 day where my body can recover from 6 days of running and weight training.

I am looking for some quick vegetarian lunch options when I do not have dinner leftovers in the refrigerator.   I have been making avocado sandwiches and other vegetarian sandwiches but would like an easy hot lunch option.  Feel free to leave any recipes or ideas in the comments!

Food And Exercise



  1. For a hot lunch I like to make a meal of a grain (either brown rice or quinoa cooked with veggie broth instead of water) and sauteed veggies- my favorite mix is mushrooms, onions, and red/yellow/orange peppers with a little garlic. Sometimes I add a little parm. cheese on top. Also a baked potato loaded with roasted or sauteed veggies is pretty filling. Both are easy and quick.

  2. Reginaverow - These are great ideas. We have a Zojirushi Rice Cooker which is great for rice and quinoa. I can turn it on in the morning and it stays warm all day long. Stir fry vegetables only take about 15 minutes to make so I might keep some prepped in the refrigerator for lunches. I have been eating a lot of quinoa for dinner. My wife made some quinoa patties this week for dinner and I have been eating them for lunches because they are so good.