Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 9

Today was a scheduled running day and I was hoping to get a nice 5 mile run outside.  The weather has improved in Atlanta over the last few days to where you can run outside without being bundled up.   The day kind of got away from me between practicing drums, teaching a lesson and fixing our rice cooker… I ran out of time to run outside.   After the kids were asleep I went down to our basement  and cranked out a good 5 miles run on our treadmill.  It is nice to have the that option when the weather gets bad or if you run out of time during the day to run outside.

I ran 5 miles in 48.21 for an average of 9:40 a mile.  My average heart rate for the run was 141 BPM.  It stayed pretty consistent throughout the run.

I have another 5 mile run scheduled for Thursday and I will be watching the heart rate throughout the run to see if I can keep it at a certain number.

I still really need some expert advice from some runners on where they train at within their Target Heart Rate.

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