Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 2

I have decided to eliminate dairy from most of my diet to go along with the plant based foods that I am eating.  I used to drink 2% milk latte's in the morning but recently switch to a caffe americano with a little heavy cream to cut back on dairy.  This morning I tried to drink my morning caffe americano with almond milk mixed with water and I can easily say that it was horrible.

With the caffe americano tasting bad with almond milk I decided to steam the almond milk and turn the drink into an almond milk latte.   It tastes so much better this way and I think I will just have to deal with the consequences of this decision.   It has more calories this way but I need to have my morning espresso and I will just have to see how this works out in my total numbers for the day.

Today was supposed to be a 5mile run day outside but I had to switch to a treadmill run in the evening.   I was only able to get in 3.37 before my legs started feeling like jello from the previous day leg workout.

I feel like I am making good decisions that I can follow through with the rest of my life.

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