Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 17

It was good to be back on land this morning.   I woke up early this morning and had my last Arden's Garden juice knowing it would be a while before I made it back to Atlanta.  I was fortunate to get off the ship early in the morning and take the earlier flight home to Atlanta.  I enjoy picking up my kids at school and taking them to their swim lessons.   I had planned to take the day off from training today but I had some time after the kids went to bed and decided to go run on my treadmill.  I went and knocked out 5 miles and I already have logged 15 miles for the week.   

I am so glad to be home and have access to my Vitamix and vegetarian food options.  Tonight my wife made lentil quinoa tacos which tasted awesome.

Food And Exercise


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